Home automation is here. Yes, the Home of the future is becoming the home of the present and will change real estate development from now on.

The digital revolution has meant a radical change in all aspects of society, bringing its application to the home. To what we call smart homes and home automation.

Technology has made our lives so much easier and more comfortable. Even so, it’s always a good idea to value things most positively. Think that the investment in a smart home will be amortized over time. And, a Smart Home is great for energy savings and for greater comfort in our day to day life.

What benefits does home automation bring to the home?

The comfort of adapting a home to the digital age is undeniable. Any tasks can be done from a screen without having to move. And it can also be controlled from a distance. So, situations that were once common, such as finding our house frozen when returning from work, are not anymore.

The main benefits for which people decide to live in a smart home are the following:

1) Security

cellphone view of wireless camera

Whether inside or outside our Smart Home, we’ll have no reason to worry about security. Well, we’ll know what’s happening 24 hours a day. With a Smart Home we have control. And even better, we have that control from our mobile device. Indeed, we can know who is inside or outside our home. We can monitor what’s happening in real time, and act upon it as required. What’s better than knowing that we are in control even when we’re not there.

2) Energy saving

home control panel on mobile phone

One of the bases that founded the great trend of Smart Home was undoubtedly the energy savings it can bring. One of the keys is that we can control, reduce, shut down, or program all our devices as they suit us. As well, we can automate some actions. Like turning up the heat in the morning and turning it down at night. Or starting our favorite music at the same time everyday. Even better, we left for vacation and forgot to turn on some lights, no worries. You have control on your smartphone, and can turn them on.

3) Interactivity

heat controller on smartphone

Nowadays, we don’t have to limit our digital interaction only to our Smartphone. Because the digital era gives us a range of infinite possibilities through Smart Home. We can interact with most of the devices in our Smart House. From the heating system, to the refrigerator, passing by the toaster and the entertainment system or the dishwasher. In fact, all appliances can be connected to a Smart Home controller.

4) Comfort

woman using home controller on iPad

Having everything organized without needing to be present in our home is already a great value in our life. This helps us to be calmer and more relaxed. We can turn on the lights, turn on the television, water the garden, or close the curtains wherever we are. With home automation, the control is in the palm of our hands.

Disadvantages of Smart Homes

The truth is that turning a home into a smart one also brings some inconveniences. The most obvious being the initial investment that must be made; which can be expensive. So, when in the market for a new house, it’s advisable to let your real estate agent know. If this is a requirement in the house we are looking for, your agent can check for specifics. This will help greatly with the future transformation.

To this, we must add the fact that the systems can fail on occasion. Which would leave a large part of the house to not work. Connections, also, may slow down and not be as fast as they should. Therefore, you have to think about high bandwidth.

Another problem related to the internet of things is the possibility of suffering cyber attacks. Indeed, if the programs and other home automation accessories are connected to the Internet, security measures must be taken to avoid being hacked.


In short, home automation brings great benefits to the homes in which it’s installed. But it further needs to be perfected on some aspects. It’s a technology still in development. However, with the help of experts we can enjoy a Smart Home secure and functional for our needs.

And for those of you who would like to only do baby steps towards home automation, there’s always devices like Alexa (and her skills) and Google Home.

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