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You may have heard these tips before, and probably several times, from several people. But all of these are nonsense. These are road cycling tips you should ignore. And ignore without even having a second though for them.

There are many tips when it comes to practicing road cycling. Some are good, and others not so much. And there are some myths that you should ignore completely.

3 persons road cycling on a valley road

1. You must inflate the tires as much as possible

In the old days, the narrowest possible tires were used and inflated to the maximum. Well, it was thought that this reduced rolling resistance. Nowadays, you still hear this a lot. I know, I’ve been told by countless people.

However, unless the surface is as smooth as a pool table (a velodrome), it is better to use wider tires with less pressure. A good starting point is 28 to 95 psi. Indeed, wider tires better absorb road imperfections. And thus reduce friction resistance. In addition to increasing comfort and decreasing the possibility of a puncture. But, don’t go too wide. 

full pasta plate

2. You need to eat a lot of carbohydrates for dinner the night before a great ride

Having half a kilo of pasta the night before will make you feel energetic. But, if that’s truly the best energy, it also brings another less desirable effect. 

If you eat large amounts of carbohydrates, you can feel very bloated the next day. That is because the body has not had time to process them. It is better to eat a good amount at dinner, but with balanced foods. That way, you will feel lighter the next day. And you won’t have to make a stopover midway. Which is a very good thing.

cycling winter cloves

3. You should not wear gloves in winter

Cycling is full of myths, and one of them is that going without gloves in the winter helps you learn to resist the cold. Yeah right!

Of course, this is pure nonsense. If you want to keep feeling your hands and be able to use the brakes when most needed, it is best to wear quality gloves. And by the way, not wearing gloves will not help you resist cold, not even after several years. The only thing it will do is put you at risk for frostbite. This is definitely part of the road cycling tips you should ignore.

high seatpost

4. You have to lower the seatpost

Some people lower the seatpost as much as the professionals. The reality is that we are not professional cyclists who train without stopping. As we are not training to reinforce the torso area and improve the flexibility that allows them to maintain such an extreme posture.

Also, this extreme posture can put a lot of pressure on delicate areas of your anatomy. Roll in a more upright position. With your seatpost higher. And you will feel more comfortable and be healthier. Unless your goal is to be a professional cyclist and are training for it, of course.

guy road cycling

5. Always use a lot of development to increase leg strength

Using large developments helps, to some extent, to increase the power in the lower extremities. But it is a training method that must be used in its proper measure.

Cycling is a very aerobic sport where you don’t need so much strength in your legs. Trying to move large developments is an extra effort for the knees that can get injured. Use the big developments little by little and in moderation. When you think about it, it’s more about endurance than strength.

3 road cyclists going up

6. In the winter, always train at the same pace

During your winter training you should always keep the same steady pace. Not! If you spend the winter always rolling at the same pace when the racing season begins, you will lack speed.

This is another good idea that is part of the road cycling tips you should ignore. Currently, most cyclists also do intensive workouts during winter. These are simply small periods when rolled in a group or during a session on the rollers. The essential thing is not to overdo it. This training will help you maintain speed, so you’ll be ready when the season starts.

long line of people road cycling

7. Longer cranks are better

It was thought that longer cranks were better because, with them, more power was achieved. Although the larger cranks allow you to exert more force on the pedals. On the other hand, the feet make a greater route.

So in practice, the result is almost negligible. You exert the same force at a somewhat lower rate. So, unless you are very tall, you should not ride longer cranks. For most people, measures of 160 to 175 cm are enough.

There you have it, 7 road cycling tips you should ignore without guilt. In fact, ignoring them will be good for you. However, remember one thing: always make sure your bike is well maintained, and in proper working order. Enjoy the road!

Are there other tips that should be ignored you would like to share?

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