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I’ve been asked several times why I bought a $500 fat bike. The question is not very surprising, since everyone knows I’m a mountain biking addict. I have several bikes and each of them are worth way more. So what would be the reasons for me to buy $500 fat bikes?


Reason One

The first reason why I bought a $500 fat bike is practical. I started shopping for fat bikes in November-December 2020 and did several stores. However, at every bike shop I went it was the same story. No one had any fat bikes in stock, zero, niet, nada. Furthermore, back orders were several months behind. I was very disappointed. And ended up telling myself, “No big deal! I won’t get one this year. I’ll get one next winter.”

Therefore, I stopped searching. A few weeks later, I went to a big store called Canadian Tire, and ended up in front of a bunch of $500 fat bikes. For fun, I take a minute to check the bikes. They are CCM’s Brut 4.0 fat bikes. Of course, they are the most basic fat bike you can get. But to my surprise they are not as bad as I would have imagined. And what the hell, at least I would have a fat bike for this winter. So, that’s the first reason why I bought a $500 fat bike.

Reason Two

The second reason why I bought a $500 fat bike is logical. Since we never, my wife and I, did any fat bike before, why pay $5,000 without knowing. OK, yes, we did try it once. About six or seven years ago, but only for one day. Though we kind of enjoyed it. But I don’t think we did enough to truly know if we would love it as much as mountain biking. So, that’s why, when I saw these cheap $500 bikes, I decided to get two of them, one for my wife and for myself.

So, logically speaking, those $500 fat bikes are perfect to initiate us to fat biking. I know I will like it, but I’m not as sure for my wife. That way we’ll be able to do some, and next year maybe buy better bikes and we decide that we love it enough. And of course, do some regularly, and enjoy it even more.

a men on a fat bike going down a hill in winter

Reason Three

The third reason why I bought a $500 fat bike is very, very simple. Well, guess what? I am, if you didn’t notice, a huge, huge, huge fanatic of mountain bikes. I live and breed cycling, and especially mountain biking and downhill. Furthermore, I’m so passionate about this, I was looking at my fleet of bikes and realized there are only two bikes in the mountain bike category that I don’t have.

Therefore, I decided to buy myself a fat bike ASAP. So now I need only one other bike to fulfill my mountain bikes’ fleet. That’s the third reason why I bought a $500 fat bike. I’m just so passionate, I just couldn’t wait. And I didn’t want to buy one online and wait a few weeks to get it delivered and then assemble it. I know for a guy who’s building bikes for others it kind of sound funny. But when it’s for me, I don’t like to wait. With these $500 bikes ready to go, I only did a little personal tune up on each one. I made sure that all the components and accessories were tightened, and voila! I’ve been riding the bike ever since.

a $500 fat bike

I did one winter with it. And so far, I love it. Fat biking is truly cool. Even better, I could keep up with my friends that have two or $3,000 fat bikes. However, I notice a few things that I would like to change. Having some tires with some studs and a chain guard would probably be my first upgrade. There are also minor changes and tweaks I would do. But overall, these $500 fat bikes were totally worth it.

So those are essentially the three reasons why I bought a $500 fat bike instead of a $5,000 fat bike. And you know what, if you never did any fat bike and you’re looking into getting into it, well, you should get yourself a cheap one. Go try it out into the trails. Go see how it works and if you like it. And then if you like it, you could get yourself a better, more expensive bike. Or simply upgrade the parts that would be worth it for you.

There you have it. If you enjoyed this article, I invite you to go watch my sidetrack video on the subject, I’m sure you’ll like it too. See you guys on the trails!

Would you buy a $500 fat bike?

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