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I don’t know if addiction is the right word, but I know that when I get on a bike and I’m ready to go down that trail, nothing else matters. It seems like I just can’t stop, lap after lap. Even after a long shredding day, I’m still in for one more lap anytime. Or at the very least can’t wait to have “recovered” so I can start all over again. Call it addiction if you want. I simply call it passion. Then, it might be an addiction, but there’s a lot of good reasons to be addicted to mountain biking.

mountain biker stopped in front of a water cascade

It’s therapeutic

Mountain biking is giving you a way out anytime you feel like you need it. After a hard day, heading to the mountain and getting on your bike is the best way to blow out steam. I think it’s probably even doing a better job than laying down on a coach and talking to a stranger for a fee… When you go down the trails and over obstacles, you have no choice than being in the moment and fully aware of your surroundings. For me, mountain biking is the best therapy out there. It might not solve your problems, but it surely helps you empty your mind and see them clearly afterwards.


Furthermore, even if it’s getting your heart rate up, it has a very calming effect. Regardless of the mood I’m in when I give my first pedal stroke; I’m always happy, smiling and calm after the last one.

High-five with a girl in a full-face in the background

It’s challenging

Oh yeah! You can say it without a doubt. Yet, thinking of it, it really depends on you. It can be as challenging as you wish. Of course, one of the goals of mountain biking is to challenge yourself. To make you do things you never thought you would be able to. And this, regardless of your caliber and experience. Indeed, mountain biking is challenging at every level, from beginners to pro riders. It might take a while before you’re able to do a certain part of a trail, but the reward once you do it, is humongous. The feeling of pride and accomplishment is almost overwhelming. Mountain biking is a great boost to your confidence and surely is one of the reasons to be addicted to mountain biking.

guy on a mountain bike jumping between trees

It’s a great workout

A day on the trails surely beats a run on the treadmill or a session in the gym. How often did you hear: “I had a blast on the treadmill and killed it, it was so gnarly”? Probably never. However, that’s the kind of comments you’ll hear every day on the trails. Mountain biking is a killer workout. You’ll work every muscle of your body without realizing it. Until the next day, when they all hurt. 😊 Climbing, jumping, dropping, turning, going down, cornering, etc. they all engage your whole body and are way more fun than crunch, squat, deadlift, lunge, and so on. Try it, you’ll get hooked.

Better yet, mountain biking is also a workout for your brain. Yes, you read right. On the trail, your brain has to stay alert at all times, because if it doesn’t you’ll crash. You have to analyse what’s next and take a decision in a split second. And, of course, there’s no place for error. Because errors hurt!

beautiful scenery of lakes, mountains and bike trail

It’s just absolutely beautiful

One of the wonderful things about mountain biking, is that you can do it anywhere in the world. And, of course, when you talk about mountains, you talk about nature, and about scenery. The scenery is absolutely beautiful! If you love nature of course. But, I don’t know many people that think that busy roads and concrete are more beautiful than trees, mountains and waters. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll cross birds, deer, foxes, bears, and all other wildlife. Every trail is offering beautiful décor and nature. And often you’ll be crossing a backdrop that will leave you speechless. Just for the nature beauty, it’s easy to get addicted to mountain biking.

mountain biking girl in a big berm

It’s never the same

Every trail is different. It’s never boring, never the same. Everywhere you’ll go, you’ll discover new things. A different kind of obstacle. No two are the same. So, you’re always discovering and improving your skills. And not only the trails are different, the scenery is always changing, as well as the wildlife. Even the same trail will change throughout the seasons. Indeed, riding the same trail on dry dirt and under pouring rain are two different challenges. Furthermore, the obstacles will vary, so you’re never doing the same thing over and over. It’s never boring. And with millions of trails around the world, you’re not done yet!

peaceful mountain biking trail in green woods

It’s healthy

I think one of the reasons why mountain biking is getting increasingly popular is because it’s healthy. Healthy is always in. And everyone is trying to be healthy. Why not achieve it in a fun way? It makes you move and move a lot. It’s outside, in nature, away from noises and pollution which helps reduce stress. It makes your heart pump, and improves your cardiovascular fitness, which in turn reduces your risk of heart disease. Mountain biking also improves your balance and coordination. You’re always adjusting to varying terrain, pitch and elevation to stay steady which keeps you safe, but also strengthens neural pathways and reinforces muscle memory. Studies also proved that mountain biking helps increase brain power and mood.

scary mountain biking feature

It’s scary, yet friendly 

It’s easy to get addicted to mountain biking because it’s scary, yet friendly. Yes, it’s scary, regardless how good you are. Even the pros gets scared. And that’s probably why, in part, it’s easy to get addicted to mountain biking. Everyone gets scared, and everyone is there for each other. Strangers will cheer your victory over an obstacle and help you get it. Mountain biking is a friendly sport. Everyone started somewhere and wishes to be the best they can. And everyone, at some point, needed the help and riding tips of someone else to get there. Yes, it’s scary, but a good scary. The kind of scary that pushes you over your self-imposed limits to discover that you are better than you ever thought. And that you can accomplish so much more.

These are just a few of the reasons to get addicted to mountain biking. And I’m sure you’re thinking of a million others. For me, it’s a passion. Yet, an addiction. Because, when I’m too long without being able to do any, my body and mind is craving it. Go out on the trail, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Once, you’ve tried it, you can never stop!

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