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I’ll start by saying, I’ve been riding bicycles since the age of 4 years old or so. I’ve ridden bicycles of all kinds; from banana seat bikes and BMX to road bikes, mountain bikes and a few others in between. I love mountain biking since my first try, more than 25 years ago. And my wife for, let’s see 🤔 a few years now. Actually for 8 years, and overtime my passion became the passion of the house. Yes, you can transmit your passions just like that! 😉 But why do we love mountain biking so much someone would ask?

It’s a killer workout

You probably guessed the first reason. It’s a great workout. I mean, try going to the gym from 10am to 6pm. See, when you start your day on the mountain bike trails, your body starts working out and as the day goes on, you will end up burning a few hundreds to a wiping 2 thousand plus calories. Just that in itself is a good reason to love mountain biking. This, of course will depend on the trail difficulties and the number of rides you do in a day. While this is far away from being scientific, I did a few tests of my own over time. I did try several mobile apps and other gizmos and I get a constant range per ride.

We love mountain biking because of the sceneries

OMG! This is definitely on the top of the list. We’ve seen some views that are just absolutely breath taking. Sometimes, even pretty scary too, I must say. We had the chance to be on top of mountains with some hiding valley views and mountain chain views. I couldn’t have ever even imagined it could be that nice. Even if you’ve seen pictures before, none of them give justice to the real thing. Another great thing about those majestic sceneries is that they are so calm and peaceful. If you’re like me, you can just stand there for 10 minutes and have a memorable meditation session, right?

It will teach you a lesson or two about self-sufficiency

Ok, I don’t know what type of biking you’re into. However, if you really want to love mountain biking, I highly recommend you check this great DIY bike repair course. It will teach you everything you need to self-sufficiency repair your mountain bike. This DIY bike repair course will become very handy while on the trails. Out there anything can happen, and it will. You’ll come across debris, roots, rocks and so many other things. And, trust me, when I say you’ll want to know the basics of bicycle mechanic. Things like a water bag, toolkit, patches or tubes are definitely things you’ll want to have close by if not on your back. Nothing can ruin a beautiful day on the trails than not having the right tool, and knowledge, to keep you going. And sometimes the walk down can be hard and long.

Talk about a boost of confidence

I love mountain biking so much, because when it comes down to it, it’s an immense boost to your confidence ride after ride. Think about this. You’ll need to cycle trough narrow trails usually about 2 feet wide unless in a bike park. Where they usually have larger bike trails as well. All that time, you are cycling throughout obstacles man-made or natural. As you progress, with each new obstacle, you gain confidence. When you feel that much more confident, then you move on to the next obstacle. And soon, you’re hitting jumps, or drops, or steepness you never believed would be possible.

You’ll meet some great people

Every time you go for a mountain bike ride, you’ll cross path with lots of people. Hikers and mountain bikers will commonly be found around your local bike trails. O yeah, and for sure some animals will cross your path… but I’ll keep this for another post.

Now, if you’re in a bike park, there’s usually lots and lots of people in and around the waiting lane for the chairs. Then, you hop on the chairlift and you’re guarantied to meet someone you don’t know. Those people are usually either locals, beginners or tourists, and believe me that makes for good entertainment. Those people also come from all walk of life; from nurses to construction workers to CEO’s and everything in between. You’ll probably end up riding with some of them. Some will show you new tricks you didn’t know about, or make you discover some hidden trails. With others, you’ll be the teacher or guide. As a result, some will even become friends for life. And that’s without counting all the good stories we get to hear and be part of. That’s one more good reason to love mountain biking.

Here you go, these are just a few reasons why we love mountain biking so much and why we think you should too! However, there would be a thousand more I could talk about, but I’ll keep those as subjects to future articles.

And you, why do you love mountain biking?

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