Today we are bringing you a collection of 9 tricks for Google Home to get the most out of your smart speaker. For those of you who still doesn’t know what it is, Google Home is a range of smart speakers manufactured by Google. Once connected to your WiFi, they’re able to answer all kinds of inquiries using Google Assistant voice commands. It can also be paired with smart objects to bring even more potential.

Google Home smart speaker commands

Google Home is already pretty useful in your house. But little by little, Google will be adding new features to your device. So, its usefulness will increase even more over time. Google Home can also be your first step towards a Smart House. With all the features available and coming, this device makes your home at your command.

Meanwhile, we explored 9 tricks to get the most out of your smart speaker. Definitely, try them, and let me know how useful you find them.

1. Ask for a daily summary to start the day

Google Assistant has a command to give you all the information you need to start your day. Indeed, it will give you all the information you need for it to be a good one. This information includes: the weather in your area, your calendar events, and a series of current news summaries. Moreover, the news are narrated from different media and radio, to make them relevant and useful to you.

Google home smart speaker on table

To activate the command, you simply:

  • Say “OK Google” to open Google Assistant.
  • Then say “good morning”, and the Assistant will answer you with a voice message delivering the requested information.

2. Make Google Home recognize other people’s voice

Google Home is designed to be used by several people. Therefore, it allows you to synchronize the accounts of different people. Consequently, each person will be differentiated using their voice. So, we can add other people’s voice patterns to recognize them. And by doing so, we can search based on their account.

women holding Google Home

Here’s how to add other people’s account:

  • In the Google Home app, go to the Account section.
  • Once in Account, click on the Settings option in the General Settings category.
  • On the next screen, to start, click on the Assistant tab.
  • Then, in the Assistant options, click on the Voice option that appears first.
  • Now you simply need to configure the second voice you want to be able to use.

3. Tell it to call you by another name

By default, Google Assistant will use your Google account name to refer to you. However, there is a command to ask the assistant to call you with any other name you want. Yes, you can have Google call you Superman! Or My Queen! How’s that to get the most out of your smart speaker! Certainly, this could be an interesting feature to go with your mood of the day. Or, it can simply be to have fun with your friends and family.

figure touching Google Home on a table near candles

To change your name:

  • Say “OK Google, call me XXXX”, changing XXX to any other name you want to use.
  • Then, it will ask you if you want to confirm that I call you by that name.
  • However, if you say yes, from now on, it will call you in the way you have requested. If you say no, it will continue calling you according to your initial configuration; i.e. your Google account name.

4. Make your Google Home sing to you

Feeling a little down and would like a soothing voice to sing softly to you. No need to look very far. If you want to delight in the melodic voice of your assistant, you can ask it to sing random songs to you. And even to sing you happy birthday if no one else has.

closeup on smart speaker
  • Say “OK Google, sing a song” or “OK Google, sing me a song”, and Assistant will start singing on your Google Home.
  • Also, you can ask for some specific song, “OK Google, sing happy birthday”, and it will.

5. White noise to relax

Google Home not only plays music and video. But also has a database of white noise and soothing sounds that you can ask to play. Therefore, this is a very simple and useful feature. Especially if you’re the type of person who has a hard time falling to sleep or relax. Additionally, this feature is very practical to mask annoying/bothering noise and stay concentrated.

Google Home smart speaker with candles and ornaments
  • All you need is to say commands like “OK Google! Help me relax”, “Play ambient noise” or “Play white noise.”

6. Add an event to Google Calendar

Another very nice feature to get the most out of your smart speaker is the control of your Google Calendar. In fact, that’s one of the beauties of Google Home. It’s connected with you Google account. Furthermore, you can ask the device to add a new event by setting its name and the date you want to put it on. No more looking everywhere to find a pen and paper to note it on until you can access your calendar. From now on, it’s always with you with your Google Home.

woman laughing looking a 3 Google Home smart speaker

Adding an event to Google Calendar is easy, simply:

  • Say “OK Google, add an event to my calendar”
  • Firstly, it will ask you what you want the event to be called, and it will wait for the answer.
  • Secondly, it will ask when you want to configure the event, and it will wait your answer.
  • Finally, it will tell you the name of the event and the set time and will ask you to confirm that it is OK to add it.

7. Search for professionals and restaurants nearby

One very neat feature is the search. For instance, you can ask Google Home to find data about the closest professionals based on the listings in Google. Actually, it is the same as making an Internet search on your mobile device. However, you simply use your voice to ask what you are looking for.

hand showing Google Home smart speaker smart speaker

Search for professionals by saying:

  • “OK Google look for hairdressers”, and it will tell you which is the nearest hairdresser. You can use the same command with different professionals.
  • Or, “OK Google tell me the phone number of a hairdresser”, and it will tell you the phone number of a nearby hairdresser. You can use the same command with different professionals.
  • You can also tell other indirect commands like “OK Google, I’m hungry”, and Google Home will tell you the restaurants you have nearby.

8. Set reminders easily

The Google Assistant, through Google Home, also allows you to set reminders on your mobile. However, even if you are not using Google Reminders on your mobile, you can still use this feature with your Google Home. At the time set, Google will tell you what you wanted it to remind you. Again, you can set reminders for any time: same day, in a day, a week, a month. Likewise, you can set recurring reminders.

classic Google Home

Easy reminder setting

  • Say “OK Google, remember me in five minutes turn off the TV”, and you will set the reminder. Turn off the TV for today at the time that will be within five minutes.
  • When giving this command, you can specify another specific date and a specific time for the reminder. Such as “OK Google, remind me to take out the trash tomorrow at six o’clock at night”.
  • Or say, “OK Google, remind me to take my vitamins everyday at 8pm”.

9. Read the latest news

With your Google Home you can easily stay up to date with what’s going on in the world. Indeed, Google Home allows you to easily listen to the latest news of the day while doing anything else. Furthermore, you can ask for general news, or for your favourite channel.

Grey google home smart speaker on kitchen table

To know what’s in the news today:

  • Say “OK Google, what’s in the news”.
  • Then, Google Home will begin to narrate the news from sources such as ‘BBC’ or ‘CNN.’
  • Or, say “OK Google, what’s in the news on CBC” for a specific channel.

Here you go, these are 9 simple tricks to get the most out of your smart speaker. However, there are so much more you can do with your Google Home. Google Assistant commands are almost infinite.

You would like to learn more about smart speakers and how they can help your business, contact me today.

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