As the world wakes up to a new way of working, thousands of us are finding it hard adjusting to our lives as a ‘quaranteam’. But help is at hand. Here are 7 ways to win at working from home.

Stick To Your Regular Routine 

Trust me on this one. It can be super tempting to roll out of bed, fuzzy-headed, and straight on to your first conference call. But, please, try to resist. If you can stick to the timings of your regular working day, you’re less likely to feel ‘jetlagged’. And, without a commute, you might find yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands.

No time to work-out? No excuse now! And, yes, you could even use the time to pick up a new skill. Or catch up on some chores.

That being said, your workday is for working. As soon as office hours begin, you’re no longer mom, dad, or the dishwasher. Therefore, save those tasks for when you ‘get home from work’. Likewise, no one has time to be doing double-duty. Especially when you need to adopt a new way of working.

Have A Dedicated Workspace

It doesn’t have to be extravagant or Pinterest-worthy. But definitely try to carve out an individual space to work in. Furthermore, try and find some space outside of the bedroom or the living room. And set up a desk or a table with a chair that won’t break your back.

As well, finding a space with a door is even better, when possible. In fact, a closed door can easily signal ‘do not disturb’ to adult housemates or family members. Though the kids might need a little more convincing!

Take Regular Breaks

It’s so important to keep boundaries in place while working from home. However, to embrace this new style of working it’s crucial to take proper breaks

Enjoying working in your own space can feel like a luxury. And while it might be tempting to work through the entire day, it’s an easy way to burn out quickly!

It doesn’t seem like much, and a lot of us forget about them. But taking breaks regularly is one of the most important ways if you want to win at working from home.

Stay Active

Better to start this one sooner rather than later. Not only do physical and mental health go hand in hand. But you may need to counteract some extra home-time snacking… Or need to get stretching and moving after a stint in a less than ergonomic seat.

Switch Off

Distractions are easy to come by. So minimize them! If you can, close the door and be productive. Also, background noise is great. But, be wary of putting on your favorite box set. Even if “you’ve seen it a million times before” – your attention will wander!

Use as few devices as possible throughout your working day. Indeed, switching off and putting away phones and tablets means having fewer things blinking, buzzing, and vying for your attention.

In terms of monitoring the news and social media, especially in current times, you may be doing you and your stress levels a favor by not checking your favorite sites. Moreover, you’ll get more done in your workday if you can tune out the rest of the world! 

However, don’t keep yourself fully in the dark. Smart speakers such as those in the Amazon Alexa or Google Home range can give quick, verbal news briefings that can be consumed easily before or after work.

If you really need to know when news is breaking, manually turn your notifications off. With the exception of your favorite news app to get alerts as they happen.

Be Social

Social/physical distancing doesn’t mean you have to stop nurturing and fostering your relationships. Keep team dynamics alive by encouraging team members to hold video calls. Apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams make team communications an absolute breeze. So, there’s no reason for anyone to feel out of the loop.

If you’re a lone worker or a freelancer, there are productivity apps such as Focusmate. Indeed, you can be assigned an accountability partner for free. If you’re struggling to adapt to the change of environment, it can be a real game-changer.

Also, encourage staff or team members to continue to be social out of hours too. In fact, with apps like Houseparty, Netflix Party, and good old WhatsApp, it’s easier than ever to stay connected. Even better, organize a trivia night through Microsoft Teams or some lunch’n learn. And, with virtual reality, you could organize meet-ups. Ideas are infinite.

Embrace Change

Uncertainty doesn’t always have to mean discontent. Necessity is the mother of invention. So think of this as an ideal time to innovate or try something new.

A lot of businesses are experimenting with remote working for the first time. And given the success rates, it may be that many of them continue to do so when the lockdown ends.

However, other emerging technologies have an opportunity to accelerate too. For example, AR and VR technologies are already changing how we interact and interface with each other. And this ordeal might be their time to shine.

This could be the time to win at working from home and get ahead of the curve. So, why not embrace it?

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